Western Beacon List

2304 beacon almost ready!!

The oscillator is working and will be on the air at 2304.300 MHz soon! 1W into a slot for starters and will upgrade to higher power later.

Thanks to W6BY I now have antennas for 2304 and 5760!!

Just need to get off my duff and get going on the rest of the equipment!

"DE KJ6KO/B CM88WS -----------"

The PSK31 has been removed. The ID is strictly CW now.

Clockwise from top...222 Loops and 1296 Loop Yagi pointed at L.A.,

Looking North at 432 HO loops and 903 Yagis,

Looking East at the mess,

Beacon cabinet.

Some cool fog pictures from the site looking South!!

Exact Beacon Location is N38 47.249 W122 7.371...CM88ws....1750' MSL...Bald Mtn.

All FIVE beacons use the same ID'er and have a 20 second loop consisting of a CW ID .

"DE KJ6KO/B CM88WS -------"

How Close is your transverter to being on freq?

I will be posting here the actual beacon frequencies (zero beat) plus or minus 50Hz. (150Hz on 1296) on a somewhat regular basis so you can calibrate your rigs and transverters. My equipment (HP-8920) is very accurate and traceable to NBS for freq measurements and the actual freq measurements that will be listed here will be well within the limits listed above.


****Freq is 144.2824 as of 3/11/14.****

During the Leonids meteor shower of 2001, The 2m beacon was heard almost continuously in CN87 and CN86 by W7LHL and W7SLB and was heard Q5 several times in CN94 on just a ground plane and an IC-706!!!

If you have any meteor reports on any of the beacons, please email me!

See a DIGIPAN display of an opening, possibly aircraft reflection, almost 20min in duration and a good meteor ping into CN84 by W7PUA from the 2m beacon! W7PUA Opening And W7PUA Ping

The 2m beacon is heard on a regular basis as far South as DM12 and as far North as CN84 and Reno and the surrounding areas.

No "E" or Tropo reports yet but two reports of good meteor pings in CN87! Still waiting for Eastern Nevada or Arizona........or beyond!!!

Have recently received reports of the beacon being heard on a regular basis in Pahrump, NV (DM16) and from somewhere in DN12, but exact location unconfirmed

The 2M beacon runs aprox. 40W into two HO loops.

Signal reports are always welcome!



*** Freq is 222.0110 as of 3/11/14.***

Beacon is being heard from DM03 to DM09 on a regular basis.

Beacon is running 25W into a pair of KB6KQ loops.



****FREQUENCY back on 432.2812 as of 3/11/14****

It is running about 50W into 4 HO loops.

Looking for signal reports since the antenna and power change!

Beacon is heard quite well from DM03 to CN84!!



*** Freq center is 903.2961 as of 3/11/14. Frequency "wanders" + or - about 200Hz.***

It is running 50W split between two 6el yagis. One pointed due North and the other at 145 deg.

Looking for any signal reports from up North!!! Have several reports from So Cal but none North of CM88/98.

1296 BEACON!

****Freq is at 1296.2612 as of 03/11/14.****

I have already received a report from Anaheim, DM03!

The 1296 beacon is running 10W into a 25el loop yagi pointed at 145 deg.

I may try to either go Omni @ 50W or split another antenna pointed North eventually.

Signal reports always welcome!

What does zero beat mean???

This means that the actual CW carrier is directly on the frequency listed above. With a radio in either the USB or LSB mode, set on this exact frequency, you should hear nothing but "key clicks". On the same frequency in CW, you will hear the CW/PSK31 tones. If you hear a tone in the USB or LSB mode, your radio is off frequency.....unless you are running a very old radio like a Kenwood 9130 which has no offset built in for the SSB filter. They will generally read about 1.5 KHz off frequency. How do I know it is really that close??? I use an HP 8920 with a rubidium standard capable of reading 7 digits after the decimal point accurately and compare it to WWV on a weekly basis and it has NEVER read anything but zeros on WWV 10 or 15. It is much more accurate than 50hz, but the beacon does move slightly so I don't guarantee any better than that. Good enough to set your XVRTR to.

Special thanks to Jack, N6XQ, for the beacon's ID'er and.....

Larry, W6OMF, for donating the HO Loops and keyer!....and

Pat, N6RMJ, for donating the KB6KQ loops and the 222 Filter...and

W6QUV for the 222 beacon radio,

Rich, KA6NBC, for the power divider and 1296 antenna.

Also thanks to Mike, K6MYC of M² Antennas, for working with me on the antennas and splitters.

BUILDING A BEACON! reports to....

Thanks to WB0USI for allowing me to keep the beacons where they are while searching for a new home for them.


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