NOTE! As of 1/2010, I am no longer manufacturing the 1.2G amplifiers. It is unknown if I will begin production with a newer version or not.

I will continue to support and repair all units sold in the past.

Click here for W6PQL 1.2G 75W & 150W Amps!

902/903 Mhz 33cm 130W Amplifiers!


These make great repeater amps for 927 repeaters.

See 15W Drive specs below for repeater amps.

NOTE.. ALL AMPS no longer come with the "attached" N connectors or power strip as show in the photos. They will come with custom length jumpers of RG-400 Silver Tefflon coax, connectors of your choice and power leads and Bias lead (SSB Amp Only). Available connectors... N-F, N-M, BNC-M, TNC-M, Mini UHF (For Motorola rtadios), and SMA-M.

ALSO...ALL amps now have a built in Circulator, which drops the output few watts.

They will run around 70W continuous with a little airflow over them. They have been tested to 100W repeater service just to prove reliability, but would not suggest running more than 70W. When dirven with a 900 Motorola Maxtrac with 7W, they usually produce 50-70W output with a very inexpensive 26V supply at around 5.5A. HERE for power supplies!.

I currently have 11 of these running on 927 repeaters and have not had a failure yet after two years!

When set up for repeater use, they do NOT have the N connectors or power stripas shown in the photo. They will be equipped with custom jumpers made from RG-400 with your choice of connectors and jumper length. The power connector will be pre-installed cut to length as requested. They will come with the internal circulator connected and the bias fixed in the ON position. They are still class AB amplifiers.

Set up as a repeater amp, they are $120. If you want the high gain version, they are $130 . Both including shipping to the lower 48.

These are modified surplus cellular equipment. They contain NO T/R switching!!


POWER = 135W ± 0.5db out with 0.8-1W input. (You may notice I reduced the power rating slightly as a cautionary measure since specifications on the devices are unavailable and I have blown a few in the tuning process)

INPUT = 1W.....Saturated at 1.3W. Each amp varies slightly in gain. A data sheet will be supplied with each. Some reach full power at 750mw input and are fully saturated at 1W.

Voltage < 28VDC....MAX!!

Current = 13A.

Size = 4" X 5.5" X 14". (HxWxD)

Power connector = Power leads.

RF Connection = Jumpers of RG-400, buyer specified length and connectors.

LED on front panel to indicate TX mode (bias on) SSB Amps Only!.

PTT = Ground to activate bias. Current = 15ma, 28 SSB amps onlyVDC on bias connector when open.

NO T/R SWITCHING! You MUST provide your own EXTERNAL T/R relays.

DUTY CYCLE = 100% @ normal amateur SSB/CW service (with good airflow).....For FM/WSJT, recommend reducing output to 100W and cooling with a fan. 100% key down @ 70W output required!.

PRICE = $150 includes shipping in the lower 48.

Other info.....

I have tested and tortured these amps and here are some notes pertaining to their operation.

YOU MUST BE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that your power supply will not spike anywhere near 30VDC!!! These devices are NOT replaceable and WILL FAIL at or near 30VDC!!! I have seen 200W out at 29.5VDC, BUT when I unkeyed, the power supply jumped to 30.1VDC and the device flashed over and destroyed itself. Play it safe..........stay at 28V.

I left one keyed at 120W for a while, and they get pretty HOT....FAST! Use a fan if you are going to torture these. Normal SSB service does not affect these any more than a 150W Mirage 2m amp.

PLEASE keep the drive below 1.3W!!

Don't ask what type of devices are in these......they are a specially built device for Spectrian and I have still not been able to get any info on them. All I know is they are a "tripple" bi-polar transistor. If I ever get specs on them, I will post it here.

Email me directly for all orders and inquiries.

15W Drive Version!!

Available NOW!!

Power connector may vary slightly from one in picture.

They are a little different design internally and MUCH more tolerant to voltage variations with replaceable transistors. They use the boards shown above and look identical to the 1W version shown above on the outside. The output is 130W max. The price is $130 for the SSB amp, $120 for the repeater amp, including shipping to the lower 48.


10W in = Aprox. 70W out....100% CW/FM duty cycle at this power level with a fan.

15-20W in = 100-120W out ± 0.5db .

Max output = aprox 130W...recommend 22W max drive.

Max allowable voltage <29.0 VDC.

Current @ 120W = 8A @ 28V.

Gain = 8db ± 0.5db

Bias activation = <14ma to ground @ 28V.

NO T/R SWITCHING! You MUST provide your own EXTERNAL T/R relays.

Email me directly for all orders and inquiries.