My Station

The towers and antennas. The four loops on the right side of the tower in this picture are M² HO Loops for 2m. There are also 4 M² HO loops for 432 Mhz on the top left side of the tower.

The station. The "pile" on the right are xvrtrs for 902/903 Mhz, 2304 Mhz and 10Ghz. The HR2510 is the IF radio for 902/903.



160m - 40m ----------Inverted V's

20m-10m -------------M² 17-30LP7 7el Log Perodic @ 40' (12m)


6m ----------M² 6M5 5el yagi @ 50' (15m)....130' of 1/2" hardline.

2m-----------Antenna Works 17el 5wl @ 60' (18m)....Also 4 X M² HO Loops stacked and switched via relay in waterproof box at top of tower. Shares mast mount preamp with Yagi. ...70' of 1/2" hardline.

222Mhz----Antenna Works 10el @ 45' (14m)...80' of 7/8" hardline,40' of 1/2" hardline...Mast mount preamp.

432 Mhz---Antenna works 33el 9wl @ 64' (19m)....Also 4 X M² HO loops stacked and switchable via relay in waterproof box at top of tower. Shares mast mount preamp with Yagi....70' of 7/8" hardline.

902/903Mhz---M² 90218EZ 18el @ 68' (21m)...soon to be a pair...70' of 7/8" hardline.

1296 Mhz -----Antenna Works 25el Loop Yagi @ 70' (22m)....Soon to be a pair of 44el....70' of 7/8" hardline....mast mount preamp.

2304 Mhz ----Home built copy of Directive Systems 18el Loop Yagi @ 65' (20m)....70' of 7/8" hardline.

10Ghz --------12" dish with 3/4" copper water pipe feed horn @ 60' (18m). Uses 70' of 3/4" copper water pipe for waveguide and a very short jumper of 3/8" flexible hardline for a jumper to the feed.

In The Shack


160m - 10m: Yaesu FT-847....Kenwood TL-922 amplifier.

6m: Yaesu FT-847.

2m: Kenwood TS-790A....Commander II VHF 1KW amplifier.

222 Mhz: Yaesu FT-736R.....Teletec DXP-V220 200W Amplifier.

432 Mhz: Kenwood TS-790A...Teletec 200W Repeater Amplifier.

902/903 Mhz: Home brew transverter made from a cellular "repeater". 130W amplifier made from surplus cellular parts. See HERE . Uniden HR-2510 10m radio for IF.

1296 Mhz: Kenwood TS-790A...140W home brew solid state amplifier made from cellular equipment.

2304 Mhz: Re-tuned Harris 2.4 Ghz Urbanet Microwave system...25W amplifier made from re-tuned PCS amplifier. (still fine tuning it). FT-736R for 2m IF.

10 Ghz: Re-tuned Harris 10Ghz Urbanet Microwave. 1W output. FT 736R for 2m IF.

More station and antenna photos!