2005 EME contest from the Owens Valley Radio Observatory's 40m Dish!! de W6IFE

The dish in the "service" position...the moon just happened to be there! As a size comparason, you can see the cars just below the dish and Chuck, WA6EXV, is in the feed working on it!

Warming up!!

Signals were usually 20db out of the noise! Below are several .wav files of both SSB and CW QSO's and some echos.

All were on 1296 MHz....NOTE...These are BIG files....Hope you have DSL or broadband!

Normal CW echo

Another CW echo.

SSB echo testing...including me!


More of K0YW SSB EME contact.

Soapbox...more pics and info on the project!!


Even with only 60W, we had no problems making contacts and most RX signals were VERY strong!

I'm sure there will be more and better photos on the SBMS website.

A great photo was taken by one of the other operators late at night with the dish pointed at the moon and the shadow on the dish from the feed support arms made by the moon created a perfect "X" in the center of the dish. That photo will probably be the QSL card!

The 40m dish as it sits when not in use.


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