1958 Edsel Pacer 2dr Hardtop
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A few words on the Edsel
  The Edsel was built for three model years, 1958, 59 and 1960.  The idea was to fill the gap between the cheaper Fords and the more expensive Mercury's.  The idea was good, but unfortunately, by the time it was brought to market in September 1957, there was a recession coupled with the desire for smaller cars at the time and the astounding amount of money Ford spent on advertising the Edsel.  Ford would have had to sell over 125,000 Edsels the first year just to break even!  Ford also insisted that Edsels be sold at designated "Edsel" dealers rather than at already well established Ford dealers.  Less than 50,000 Edsels were sold the first year!  In short, "the aim was right, the target just moved".  In 1959, there was some design changes, but it didn't help popularity or sales.  Total sales for 1959 was much less than the previous year.  By 1960, the design of the car had completely changed and lost the "horse collar" grille.  They didn't look much different than a 1960 Ford and look surprisingly similar to a 1959 Pontiac!   Production ceased in late 1959 making the 1960 models the rarest, but in some circles, the least desirable.  Only 76 convertibles were built in the 1960 model year and only a handful of some station wagons.  The last Edsel rolled off the line in November of 1959.
  The Edsel had a lot of good things that would stick with Ford for many years to come.
       .....The First year for the "FE" Big Block Ford engine.  (FE Stood for "Ford/Edsel")
       .....The First year for the Ford 9" rear end.
  Some other features of the Edsel found on cars today!
       .....Self adjusting brakes
       .....Self lubricating chassis
       .....Push Button electronic shift automatic (58 only)
       .....Power steering
       .....Power brakes
       .....Power windows
       .....Power seats
       .....Air conditioning
       .....Windshield washers
       .....Electronic speed warning system
       .....Signal seeking radio
       .....Air suspension (prototype only)
  Another interesting but little known fact is that the Mercury Comet was originally intended to be a compact model of Edsel!  Due to the dwindling sales of the Edsel, it was decided to be kept on as a Mercury instead.  This is why the first model year of the Comet does NOT say Mercury anywhere on it!  Even the tail light lenses on the Comet are interchangeable with the 1960 Edsel!
Looks like the original engine.  Actually, it is a 428 from a 1967 Mercury!
The famous "Teletouch" push button shift in the steering wheel!
Hidden stereo behind stock radio face.                 New dash pad from "Just Dashes"
Believe it or not, these are the original door panels!
The original trunk was rubber and cardboard.  I couldn't deal with that and did some "slight" modifications. 
Just finished 3/07.  Some minor bugs to work out, but is now on the road!
1983 1/2 Mustang Convertible
Why 1983 1/2 you ask?  When the mustang 5.0 was introduced for 1983, they all had 4 speeds, 6000 RPM tachometers.  Later in the model year, they were available with 5 speeds, 7000 RPM tachometers and other subtle differences.  Here are the specs as new.

               5.0L (302)
               173 HP (SAE NET)
               4 barrel Holley 600 CFM

               T5 5 speed overdrive

               3.05:1 posi

               1/4mi  16.08 @ 89MPH. (2500' el track)

               3250 lbs.  (250 lbs heavier than a coupe)

New specs after overhaul!

               5.4 L "stroker".  4" bore X 3.25" stroke.
               World Windsor Jr heads.
               Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
               Edelbrock 600 CFM carb.
               Comp XE-265 roller cam.
               375 BHP (est.)

               Tremec T5-Z 5 speed.

               3.55 ratio posi from a Thunderbird Supercoupe.

               13.56 @ 105 MPH on cheap Wal Mart street tires and no traction
               in 1st or 2nd gear.
               12.96 @ 106 MPH on drag radials (only 2 passes made)
Look  Familiar?
            Stock wheels and whitewalls above......15" Americans below for the "Hotrod" shows.
A better picture of the car, among many other fine autos, at the Niello Concourse at Serrano in El Dorado Hills, CA 2007.