The NC9RS Repeater system is an OPEN system for all HAMS!  It is to promote the use of the 902-928 Amateur Band thru 900 MHz repeaters linked throughout Northern California and Nevada.
We promote "rag chewing" related to Amateur Radio!  Talk as much as you want about DX chasing,your latest amplifier project,repeater project,antenna project, VHF/UHF/MW weak signal projects etc!
We DO NOT want to hear about your financial woes, political ideals, physical ailments, why your neighbor doesn't like you, why you don't like him etc! (unless it's because of your antennas!)
Sometimes it's OK to talk about wine, redheads and classic cars!..hi hi.
In short, this is a group of experimenters, DX Chasers, enthusiasts and a few "clowns". NOT gossip hounds!

The callsign of all the repeaters on the system is NC9RS/R, except for the repeaters on the system not owned by the club. 

Things we are looking for...

ALLSTAR Node Equipment.
Since we have converted to Allstar from Echolink, some equipment is required...
This includes old computers (1G Proc speed or faster).
USB Interfaces such as the DMK URI

420 (403-430 split) Radios such as Maxtrac, Radius or CDM.  Also, any of the UHF GM300's, Radius M10, M120 or M130 with the last three numbers of the model number 3AA or 1AA.  The "AA" is insignificant. Just interested in the "3" or "1".  NO "4" or "2" models!

The system is run entirely on donation$, so if you feel generou$, we prefer Paypal!!
(-: Make your donation$ HERE  :-)
Questions, comments and gripes to

NC9RS Repeater list. The "Fab Five"
1.El Dorado Hills   927.0125 (-25)     pl 100.0        1400'
2.Bay Area         927.6500 (D)        pl 131.8        1700'
3.Fresno (moved!)    927.6625 (D)        pl 146.2        3700'
4.Corning   (Solar) 927.6375 (D)        pl 123.0        4000'
5.Tahoe             927.6750 (D)        pl 156.7        7800'
6.Stockton (old location, new freq) 927.2625 (D)          PL 114.8        300'
7.Sunol Ridge(Pleasanton)927.1875/902.0125 PL 94.8        2000'
8.Sonora (Old Stockton freq)   927.6125 (D)          pl 107.2       4200'
9.Reno/Carson      927.0125 (-25)     pl 88.5          9700'
10.Bishop,CA       927.0125 (-25)     pl 100 (same as Sac)   10,800'
11.Ridgecrest,CA       927.0125 (-25)     pl 88.5 (Same as Reno) 2400'
    ---->Other Repeaters on the System<----
Mt Vaca     KI6SSF  927.3375 (D) pl 162.2       2500'
Mt Defiance,OR.(NEW!)927.1625 (-25) pl 151.4      5000'
Sunol Ridge Livermore & PleasantonW6SRR 927.1875/902.0125   PL 94.8
       -----> More repeaters coming soon!! <-----
Auburn    KI6SSF     927.2625 (D)          pl 114.8       2100'
Coos Bay, Or    927.0125(-25)   pl 100.0 (Same as Sacramento)

(-25) = Standard -25MHz offset ONLY.  NO dual input receiver.
(D) = DUAL -25MHz AND 902.0125 receiver inputs.
Please use .0125 as the Main input if possible to these machines.
The -25MHz input is usually turned off unless someone has a radio incapable of odd splits.

                           On the air!
                           Construction underway!
                           In planning stages only.

Building a 900 repeater on a budget!
Plus, Surplus info and modifications!

After doing some frequency and Part-15 tests, I have determined that the Part-15 trash is EVERYWHERE!  Even in the most rural locations!  Because of this, most all of the repeaters on the system will be running 902.0125 for an input frequency.  The Pl's will all be different.  Some, will have "dual inputs" meaning you can  use the 902.0125 or the standard 25 MHz offset input. ALL repeaters will have TX PL.

Because of the links and the scanning receivers at some sites, please wait a minimum of 1 second after keying the mic to allow time for all the links to come up.
View from just below site.

The Sacramento machine is located just East of the Sacramento/El Dorado county line at 1400'.  The repeater runs about 30W to the antenna, a Scala  OGB9-900 9dbd 900 MHz omni antenna.  It is built from a Motorola Maxtrac receiver and a Motorola GTX transmitter running 1.3W into a surplus cellular amp with 50W output, thru a surplus cellular duplexer and BPF.  Also running an N6CA (Angle Linear) 13db preamp resulting in a 0.17uV sensitivity at the antenna port!  Mobile coverage is I-80 West to Benecia, I-5 South to Modesto, I-5 North to Corning and US-50 East to Pollock Pines. I-80 coverage East of Auburn is spotty.

BAY AREA (Oakland)

The Bay Area machine is located above the Caldecott Tunnel at about 1700'. Power is standard about 30W to a 8.5dbd 3deg downtilt antenna to keep the signal out of the valley.  It has excellent coverage of the entire Bay area and Concord, Walnut Creek and surrounding areas.  There is significant interference on the 902.65 input, so if your radio is capable of non-standard splits, we suggest you use the 902.0125 input.  Both are 131.8 pl.


The Fresno machine is now located at about 3700' on Joaquin Ridge. Configuration is standard at about 30W to a 9dbd antenna and should cover hwy 99 from just south of Stockton to around Tipton.  Hwy 5 from around Patterson to Kettleman City.  There are some gaps around Santa Nela. It can also be worked easily from points along HWY 58 between Tehachapi and Bakersfield.
The repeater is up and running and linked in! 


The Tahoe machine is at 8700' at Echo Summit and overlooks the entire Tahoe Basin.  It even get's into parts of Carson City also!  HWY 50 coverage is fair from Kyburz into Meyers and all around the lake.


View from site

The Corning machine is located at about 4000'el West of Corning.  Configuration is about 15W into a 9dbd antenna and covers from about Arbuckle north to Shasta! There is a reduced coverage area between the north end of Red Bluff and Anderson. This is a SOLAR powered site, that's why the low output power. In the near future, we may raise the antenna and power to get better coverage North of Red Bluff.

** SUNOL (Mt. Allison)**
This site is no longer in service.
Please use the W6SRR Repeater in Pleasanton
The freq pair may be used at another location in the future

** Mt. Vaca **
  Thanks to Tim, KI6SSF, who has dedicated some time and equipment, there is now a machine on Mt. Vaca!  The machine is located on the Eastern slope of the hill so there is no coverage West of the hill.  It does improve the coverage in the Vacaville area and up the 505 corridor.  It is on 927.3375 with the standard "dual" inputs of 902.3375 and 902.0125.  PL of 162.2.

Bishop.....On The Air!

It is located in the Bishop Amateur Radio Club's building on Silver Peak at 10,800'.  Coverage is along US 395 from around Lone Pine north to Mammoth.  It should cover to various locations into parts of NW Nevada such as spots along US 95 near Goldfield.  The repeater is linked into the rest of the NC9RS system via Echolink as the RF path is just too far and would create much more maintenance!  Freq and PL is the same as Sacramento.
Special thanks to all at the Bishop ARC for their help in getting this one on the air!
NOTE: The Bishop repeater transmits PL only when there is something on the input, in other words, there is NO PL on the repeater's tail.  If you are using an HT, you must have the Monitor ON (little speaker displayed on the front) in order to hear the tail come back after a "kerchunk".

Ridgecrest..On The Air!!
This is a low level machine covering the town of Ridgecrest, Ca and a short section of US395, HWY 178 and HWY 14 in the Indian Wells Valley.  If a better mountaintop site in the area can be found, it will be moved. Freq and PL is the same as Reno. It has excellent coverage in the valley and North almost to Olancha!  This is tied to the rest of the system via Echolink.

Sonora (Old Stockton Freq)

The Stockton repeater has been moved!!
It is now on Cedar Ridge at 4400' above Sonora.
Coverage South of Stockton will be much improved all the way to Madera and beyond!
Coverage along I-5 should be HT from north of Coalinga all the way to the 580 split!
There may be some rough spots along 99 north of Stockton and around Lodi, but the Sacramento repeater covers that area well.
Pictures to come later!


View from 9700' looking toward downtown Reno
Kinda hard to tell what you're looking at, but it is downtown Reno on the left and Sparks around the center.The Reno machine is on 927.0125 with PL of 88.5.  Same as Ridgecrest.  It has a panel antenna facing NE with about a 200 pattern.
The computer plots show the coverage should be all of Reno and most of Carson City, US395 from Reno to north of Topaz and East as far as Fallon!  Can't wait for some reports out there!


This area is now being served by the N6TBQ system.
Check their frequencies for system access from that area


Stockton (Old location, new frequency)

When the new Stockton repeater was turned on up at Sonora, it was discovered that there was a blocked area and downtown Stockton and Lodi were not well covered.  The old Stockton repeater was still in place, just functioned off.  It was reprogrammed with a frequency pair reserved for Auburn but that repeater has not materialized and we decided to use that freq since it is already programmed into many radios labeled as "Auburn".   It covers all of Stockton and Lodi quite easily!  Like all NC9RS repeaters, the input freq is 902.0125.

The Link HUB

Looking East from the main link HUB's antenna with the Tahoe Repeater in the distance.
The Reno Repeater is over the mountains just to the left of the antenna.

The first link hub is located at about 4600'el West of Kyburz along HWY 50 and is nothing more than a point to tie the repeaters together.  Site is up and running and ready for the other repeaters to be linked in!  Later, this may also include another 900 rptr to cover the gaps between Sacramento and Tahoe.
We are planning on a second HUB near Patterson that will improve the link between the new Fresno location and the rest of the system.  Hopefully in the spring!

2nd Link HUB
This is now active and being used for the Fresno machine.
It is at 4400' above Sonora and is LOS with a lot of the coastal range including Mt. Toro, Fremont Pk, Mt. San Benito and a lot of others!

Trustees and officers:
KJ6KO   Greg
WA6KTK Steve
WA6ZKY Gordy
KA6NBC  Rich

Special thanks to the following for donations, repeater sites, equipment and time!.......
WA6KTK, WA6ZKY, W6JEX, KA6NBC, KM6QJ, KI6SSF, W6OMF(sk), N6JV, N6GKJ, N6GAZ, KF6PGT, K1YQP, K6QG, K6XN, KC6ZWT, WZ6X, W6FI, N6YCK, N6DUK, K6STS, K6NC, K6ER, K5TRA, KC6APE, W6WWA, WB6WTM, WA6EWV, W6TOD, N6SSB, W6AFM, K6YK, W6BY, W6NIT, WE6R, K6EL(sk), N6AJR, N6OV, KQ7DX, N6ICW, K6ZWZ, N7ROJ, WB6WQF and anyone else I may have forgotten!
Yes, we have a sense of humor!
In order to get around the PART-15 interference issues, we have decided to make ALL the NC9RS repeaters operate using the SAME input freq. of 902.0125.  Each repeater will have a different PL.  I know this is not standard offset, but we have no choice with the interference problems higher in the band.  Because many people run radios that will not do the odd splits, I have put a "scanning" receiver on some of the repeaters so they will have both the 902.0125 input AND the standard 25 MHz offset input also.  These repeaters have a "D" beside them in the list below.  Unfortunately, the ISP interference will still be bad on the "standard" input.
NOTE:  When possible, we try to duplicate channels to avoid having to reprogram radios whenever a new repeater comes up.  As a couple examples, Ridgecrest and Reno are identical, Bishop and Sacramento are identical and Hollister and Corning will be identical.

Complete list of 900 repeaters in Northern CA.from NARCC


  Current list of "Actual" Active  Northern California 900 repeaters at the bottom of this page!!
          updated 01/02/11        
The "upside down" antenna at the Oakland site.  It was mounted this way as it has 3deg of electrical "uptilt".

The Future??
Current plans!

A "real" working list of actual on air 900 repeaters in Northern California as of 10/13

  CALL                OUTPUT                INPUT                PL/DPL                AREA

*NC9RS                927.0125        902.0125                100                 SACRAMENTO & BISHOP
*NC9RS                927.6125        902.0125.,6125        107.2              SONORA (Old Stockton Freq)
*NC9RS       927.2625     902.0125/ 2625  114.8          STOCKTON (New Freq)
*NC9RS                927.650         902.0125/.650        131.8                SF BAY AREA (Oakland)
*NC9RS                927.6625        902.0125/.6625        146.2                CENTRAL VALLEY (Fresno)
*NC9RS                927.6375        902.0125/.6375        123                  NORTH VALLEY (Corning)
*NC9RS                927.675         902.0125/.675        156.7                TAHOE BASIN
*NC9RS                927.6875        902.0125/.6875        77                OFF AIR!  Freq may be used elsewhere
*NC9RS                927.0125        902.0125                88.5        RENO/CARSON & Ridgecrest
*KI6SSF        (NC9RS)  927.3375        902.0125/.3375        162.2                   WEST SAC VALLEY (Vaca)
*W6SRR                927.1875        902.0125             94.8               Sunol Ridge
The -25MHZ inputs are not always active.

Other 900 Repeaters Usually Linked to the System.
   K5TRA-R    4 repeaters around Austin, TX
1.         927.1125 (D432)    Lago Vista, TX
2.         927.1250 (103.5)   SW Austin
3.         927.1375 (131.8)   N.Central Austin
4.         927.1626 (151.4)   S Austin
   KW7HAM-R     2 K5TRA repeaters around Portland
1.         927.1375 (131.8)   Larch Mountain, Washington
2.         927.1875 (151.4)   Downtown Portland
   WB0YRG-R            2 repeaters around Kansas City
1.         927.1125 (186.2)   Downtown Kansas City
2.         927.4875 (131.8)   S Kansas City
   N6EX-R      2 WB6ZSU repeaters S California
1.         927.1375 (D411)    Newport Beach, CA
2.         927.1500 (D411)    Pasadena, CA
   NB7C-L      2 repeaters  W Idaho
1.         927.1125 (D432)    Boise, ID
2.         927.1250 (103.5)   Payette, ID

Other NORCAL Repeaters
WE6R+                   927.975          902.975              DPL 606              Monterey
KJ6VU                   927.8625        902.8625            DPL 023                SAN JOSE AREA
*WI6H MixMode ANA/P25        927.9625        902.1375      pl 141.3/TXN 141,RXN 293  CUPERTINO
*WI6H Mix Mode Ana/P25       927.8875         902.1375  pl 173.8/TXN173,RXN293  Sutro Tower
*WI6H Mix Mode ANA/P25      927.9875         902.1375            127.3/NAC 293  Analog and P25! Bay Area
*KG6UYZ                927.950        902.0375                DPL 311                SALINAS/MONTEREY
*N6TBQ                927.900        902.0375                DPL 411/ P25 NAC is 293        LOMA PRIETA
*W6MOW                927.925        902.0375                DPL 205  Santa Cruz (Planned, not on air)
*W6JSO (ex W6REB)        927.2875        902.0375            DPL 423                  Monterey
*KG6NRI                927.0375         902.0375           DPL 606             Pacific Grove
*K6DND                927.9125            902.050                 167.9                LOS GATOS
N6NMZ                  927.150           902.150              156.7                 LOS GATOS
K6ZRX                   927.400           902.400              192.8              American Canyon
N6SSB                   927.575           902.575              100                 Oakland
WB6JKV                 927.400          902.400             114.8               Pacifica
N6IMS                    927.700         902.700             114.8                 Pacifica
W6RD                   927.100        902.100                100                  MT OSO (OFF AIR)
K6RDJ                   927.150        902.150                100                  MT BULLION (OFF AIR)
W6RD                   927.225        902.225                100                  CALAVERAS  (OFF AIR)

W6KCS                927.0625        902.0625                167.9                VACAVILLE
WV6F                927.0875        902.0875                127.3                  VACAVILLE
WA6JQV            927.0375        902.0375                100                     VACAVILLE
N6ICW                927.050        902.050                   77                 VACAVILLE/SAC  (NO TX PL!)
K6ZWZ                927.2375        902.2375                127.3                RESCUE/ EL DORADO CO
N6AMG**                             927.1125        902.1125                100                  MT DIABLO
****N6AMG Destroyed in fire 2013. Replacement ready for install!  Should be soon!!
NA6DF                927.775        902.775                   77                   AUBURN
K6YC                   927.850        902.850                123                   GEORGETOWN
K6LNK                 927.175        902.175             DPL 023         Calaveras (CARLA)
K6LNK                 927.175        902.175                100                   Oakland  (CARLA)
KK6JP                 927.125        902.125                107.2                Redding
WB6ASU               927.075        902.075                100                   CALAVERAS
N6NMZ                  927.150        902.150                136.5                Auburn
N6NMZ                 927.1375        902.1375                77                Grass Valley
N7ROJ                927.0875        902.0875                 114.8             Reno,NV  "Nugget"
N6VRC MixMode ANA/P25        927.050            902.050        141.3/NAC 29A Analog/P25    Fresno
W6JPU                927.0375        902.0375        100                        Clovis/Fresno
K6VAU                927.0625        902.0625        141.3                Auberry/Fresno
K6RET                927.1250        902.1250        DPL 125                Bakersfield

**  Closed system, but open to 6m/HF DX Chasers and EME operators.  NO RAGCHEWING!!

        SIMPLEX CHANNELS!   927.500 and sometimes 927.600. 
        BOTH with a 100.0 PL to eliminate the Part-15 Trash!
               NOTE:  There is a "National Simplex Channel" of 927.500 with a 151.4 PL    

High Mojave Desert 900 Channels

927.0250 MHz   110.9 Hz PL   WA6VVC   Tehachapi, CA    "Mt. Cam Nine"       
927.8875 MHz    110.9 Hz PL  WA6VVC    Rosamond, CA   "Desert Nine"  Subject to change due to ISM
927.0375 MHz    110.9 Hz PL  WA6VVC   Emergency Trailer    "HUTT"             
927.0625 MHz    110.9 Hz PL  WB6VIX   Ridgecrest, CA    "Ridge Nine" 
927.2250 MHz    141.3 Hz PL  KB6BZZ    Wrightwood, CA          

Just got these Desert/Las Vegas/S. Nevada/ AZ channels in!...

Please let me know if any of these are not "really" there or have changed.

927.0375 (-25 MHz) KB6XN Low Potosi PL 141.3 LINK
927.1125 (-25 MHz) N3TOY Base of Frenchman Mtn DPL 432 IRLP link
927.1375 (-25 MHz) WB6EGR North West Las Vegas DPL 411 Allstar/IRLP
927.1875 (-25 MHz) N7OK Base of Sunrise Mtn, nr Hollywood PL 151.4
927.2500 (-25 MHz) KB6XN Angel's Peak PL 114.8 LINK*
927.2875 (-25 MHz) N7OK Frenchman Mountain PL 151.4
927.3125 (-25 MHz) KB6XN Opal Mtn (near Nelson) DPL 606 LINK*
927.3375 (-25 MHz) N9CZV Angel's Peak PL 151.4
927.4250 (-25 MHz) WB9STH Spring Valley PL 82.5 Allstar/IRLP
927.4625 (-25 MHz) N7OK Beacon Hill Glendale/Overton PL 151.4 LINK*
927.5250 (-25 MHz) N7ZEV High Potosi PL 127.3
927.5500 (-25 MHz) KC6NKK  Barstow  PL 100 (WIN System)
927.5750 (-25 MHz) K7EET White Hills AZ (nr Hoover Dam) PL 151.4
927.5875 (-25 MHz) KG7SS Apex Mountain PL 131.8
927.6625 (-25 MHz) N7SGV Angel's Peak DPL 606 linked ARES/RACES
927.6750 (-25 MHz) N6JFO Apex Mountain PL 82.5
927.8875 (-25 MHz) KB6XN Christmas Tree Pass DPL 606 LINK*
927.9125 (-25 MHz) KB6XN High Potosi DPL 606
* NOTE: 927.2500/3125/3875/4625/8875 repeaters all linked full-time        

                       Here are some "real" SoCAL/ LA/OC area channels..

N6OCS                927.1250        902.1250        103.5        Santiago Peak
N6EX                927.1375        902.1375        D411        Signal Peak  
N6EX                927.1500         902.1500       D411      Pasadena    
KD6WDY            927.1750         902.1750         123.0         Dana Point
K6LRB                927.6625        902.6625        D606        Palos Verdes
K6LRB                927.6875        902.6875        D606        Palos Verdes
KR6AL                927.9375        902.9375        D311        Catalina Island
W6DMV                927.9625        902.9625        100.0        Pasadena
XE2K                  927.0250        902.0250        100.0        Mexicali
WB6TNF              927.8375       902.8375        162.2    Simi Valley/LA Basin


View from Oakland repeater site.....the Oakland Bay Bridge, downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate.
Webcam near site!
Special thanks to Bob, WA6JQV for the help with tons of "stuff" for the system!!!  Also N6NMZ for the hub antenna!!  Also the Bishop Amateur Radio Club for the use of their building and John WB6WQF for generous computer donations for Allstar!!
  Thanks to Tom, N6MVT of the CARLA Radio system and K6JKL for the help with the Oakland and Sonora sites and other assistance!
This web page is designed for widescreen monitors at 1440 X 900.
View from the site at nearly 11,000' looking West to Northwest.  Bishop is in the lower left and the snowstorm in the distance is over Lake Crowley and the Mammoth area. 
It was June, and yes...it did snow on us.  Temp was in the low 30s!
Stockton Repeater Moved!
The Stockton repeater has been moved to a better location above Sonora!  The coverage South of Stockton is MUCH better!  North Stockton and Lodi may suffer a bit, but along I-5 should MUCH better!  Special thanks to K6JKL!

Old Stockton Repeater up on new freq for downtown STK area.
Check the list below for freq & PL

Global Warming Page!
There are now 12 repeaters on the system!  It takes at least ONE SECOND for them all to come up, so PLEASE. key the mic, wait one second, then begin talking.  ALSO... wait for the beep, ANY BEEP, after someone is done speaking BEFORE you key up!  If you don't, this can cause some links to drop and other people on the system may not hear you or "DOUBLE" with you. 
ALSO, since there is an additional second or two delay on the Allstar repeaters, pause once in a while to see if anyone on the Allstar repeaters wants to chime in on a conversation!
There is NO need to wait for carriers to drop before speaking.     .....Thanks

Why or what is the "Fab Five"?
  Well, originally we thought it would be a neat idea to have FIVE repeaters in Northern California linked together....and the intent was to stop there.  We didn't stop!  We can't stop!!  It's a disease!!
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System Plans For This Summer!

..Install the new Santa Cruz Repeater!  Just need to inspect the site and get an internet connection established for the link!
....Start on the New Coos Bay, Oregon repeater and Allstar computer. Site has been established and repeater building will commence soon!
....Up to the Corning repeater to make repairs on the tower, add a new 24V solar system to run the site up to full power and possibly raise the antenna for better coverage in the area between Redding and Anderson.
....If time allows, install better filtering on the Reno repeater's link radio.

Technical Stuff
System Info and News
How To Get on the 900 HAM Band!
Radios available and how to modify and use them on the 900 MHz amateur band!
Courtesy Tones!
..or "Beeps Boops and Honks 1.01"
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Technical Specs for the NC9RS System.
MCS2000 Model III VCO Mod.
Retuning Maxtrac and Kenwood RX Filters for better RX at 927!!
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These repeaters are usually connected to the system!

K5TRA-R    4 repeaters around Austin, TX
  927.1125 (D432)    Lago Vista, TX
  927.1250 (103.5)   SW Austin
  927.1375 (131.8)   N.Central Austin
  927.1626 (151.4)   S Austin

KW7HAM-R    2 repeaters near Portland
927.1375 (131.8)   Larch Mountain, Wa.
927.1875 (151.4)   Downtown Portland

WB0YRG-R  2 repeaters around Kansas City
927.1125 (186.2)   Downtown Kansas City
927.4875 (131.8)   S Kansas City

N6EX-R 2 WB6ZSU repeaters S California
927.1375 (D411)    Newport Beach, CA
927.1500 (D411)    Pasadena, CA

NB7C-L      2 repeaters  W Idaho
927.1125 (D432)    Boise, ID
927.1250 (103.5)   Payette, ID

KA1EZH-R   1 repeater Attleboro, MA
927.7625 (PL 67)

Salinas/Monterey tied in!
The "Tri County" system in the Monterey Bay Area is now tied in!
Thanks to N6TBQ!  Check the bottom of the page for freq details.


Very sad to announce the passing of W6OMF Larry Hogue USAF ret.
Larry was bigger than life and a great ham and excellent social coordinator for all area HAM's!  I'm sure many have been to the "Grip n Grinns" at his place every Sept!
He will be missed!!
What About This New "LMS" Service?
You may have read about the new LMS Location service that was just granted the OK to operate in the 900 band by the FCC.  The portion of the band they listed was just one of the many channels they have, but recently, the company that is already doing this in the SF Bay area and Dallas decided to "mimic" an actual GPS signal which requires less bandwidth and they were also kind enough to "slide" their center freq down to stay below 927.000MHz!  They did not have to do this, they did it on their own to be courteous to the amateur community!  We have not heard if this is permanent yet as testing is ongoing, but thanks to NextNav for this attempt to avoid interference to the HAM's!  We can only hope the other company is as "HAM Friendly"!
The System At A Glance
Alinco DJ-G29 Setup Tips!!
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Sunol Repeater Gone
The old Sunol Repeater has been removed.   Please use the W6SRR Repeater for that area now.

Reno Repeater back up!
A power outage reset the receiver so it is back up and operational!