VHF/UHF/SHF/Light Beacons west of the Mississippi (Mostly)

2m and up. Too many 6m beacons worldwide to list here.

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The best six meter beacon list we've found so far is G3USFs Worldwide List of 50 MHz Beacons

If you have pictures of your beacon, send them to me so we can post them here!

Mostly updated as of 04/08.

Frequency Beacon Call Grid Square Location Power Antenna(s) notes
144 MHz
144.276 KH7Y BK29go HI Mauna Loa 60W (2) 7 el yagis - New Freq. Will be up soon! (6/13)
144.275 N5EAD EM10 TX Austin 10W 6 el yagi east
144.277 KA0EWQ EN15 MN Johnson 10W 3 el yagi SE
144.277 W0PW EM26 MO Neosho 35W big wheel 50ft
144.280 VE4VHF EN19 Winnepeg 15 W Vertical -
144.275 VA7SIX CN89 Coquitlam, BC 50W Squalo 600'
144.278.5 K7XC DM09 East of Reno 10W M2 Loop 15'
144.293 N6NB DM05sb Tehachapi, CA 5W 2X Yagis at 315 deg Last measured freq about 144.2938
144.2824 KJ6KO CM88ws CA (N) Bald Mountain 40W Pair of HO Loops 1700' ASL
144.285 VE6EMU DO33pa Alberta 20W 5el N
144.285 W5VAS EM50 LA Lacombe 100W beaming N , 440ft
144.290 K7PO DM32 AZ Gila Bend 15W Vertical Omni 900 ft.
144.291 K7UV DN31xm Utah 40W Omni
144.281 W0ETT DM79ch South Park, CO 30W Wheel
144.2908 N7BHC FM15pa Oriental,NC 50W 16LBX pointed 70deg
144.292 VE8BY FP53rs NWT Frobisher Bay 23W 8 Bay dipole -
144.293 N0LL EM09ow Smith, KS 13W (2) omnis 35ft
144.288 N0YK DM98mg Friends, KS 30W HO Loop 95' AGL
144.299 WA7X DM49ho UTAH 100W Cycloid Dipole -
144.298 K7KMT DN64ve Dead Horse Creek, WY 25W OMNI
144.299 W0BLK DN84 SD Rapid City 25W - 300 ft.
144.296 KA7BGR CN82nj OREGON 10W 1wl Loop 30'
144.286 N0UD DN87sh ND 30W 2 X Big Wheels
144.298 K6WKX CM86 Santa Cruz 20W Halo 180' ASL
222 MHz
222.015 K5BYS EM13mn TX DFW 100mW halo 1500ft
222.050 W0PW EM26 MO Neosho 10W turnstile 1150ft asl
222.055 W0ETT DM79ch South Park, CO 30W Wheel
222.0110 KJ6KO CM88ws CA (N) Bald Mtn. 7W 2 X KB6KQ Loops
222.061 W0ZQ EN34it MN Bloomington 30W stacked halos 60ft
432 MHz
432.310 KH7Y BK29go HI Mauna Loa 30 W (2) 22el Quagis to W6
432.325 K5BYS EM13mn TX Dallas -FW 100mW halo 1500ft
432.320 W9NU EN71as Elkhart, IN 20W Stacked HO Loops 40'
432.293 N6NB DM05sb Tehachapi, CA 5W Yagi @ 315deg Last measured freq about 432.2945
432.2812 KJ6KO CM88ws CA (N) Bald Mtn. 50W 4 X HO Loops 1700 ft. ASL
432.360 W0ETT DM79ch South Park, CO 30W Wheel
432.298 K7FL CN85ss Battle Ground WA 4W Horiz Loop
432.3990 WA7X DM49ho Utah 750W ERP Vert Yagi Due North
432.333 N0UD DN87sh ND 20W 2 X Loops
902 MHz
903.2961 KJ6KO CM88ws CA (N) Bald Mtn. 50W 8el Yagi S 1700 ft. ASL
902.325 K5BYS EM13mn TX Dallas-FW 100mW turnstile 1500ft
903.075 K3XF (W0BA) DN70km Ft. Collins, CO 10W Big Wheel
1.2 GHz
1296.055 N7LQ DM09cf NV Reno 1.5W 21 el loop N
1296.340 W6PQL CM97am CA(N) 30W 21dbi @ 140deg
1296.180 WD5AGO EM26 OK Tulsa 3W yagi E -
1296.230 W0ETT DM79ch South Park, CO 30W 2 Wheels
1296.250 KH6HME BK29go HI Mauna Loa 15 watts (4)vert stack loop yagi-100 elememts W6
1296.140 W7EME BK02bh Kauai 10W 3X24el loopers Dir at PNW Pse QSL if heard!
1296.325 K5BYS EM13mn TX Dallas-FW 100mW 1500ft
1296.3 K6QPV DM12mq CA (S) San Diego 18W Log 330 degrees
1296.2612 KJ6KO CM88ws CA (N) 10W 25 el. Loop Yagi @ 145 deg. 1700 ft. ASL
1296.783* NU7Z CN87us WA Seattle 700mW 6db horiz may drift a little
1296.075 W7HR CN87qn Bremerton, WA 2W 24el looper Aimed at Mt. Rainier
2.3 GHz
2304.055 N7LQ DM09cf NV Reno 400mW 21 el loop yagi north
2304.303 W6IFE DM14 kf CA (S) Heaps Peak 8W 12 slot omni 12 dbi
3.4 GHz
5.7 GHz
5760.0 K6QPV DM12mq Mt San Miguel 2.5W omni 10db
10.3 GHz
10367.990 KF6KVG CM97ae CA (N) Mt Leeson 200 mW 12 dbi horn 330 deg.
10368.330 KE6JUV DM13fq CA (S) Santiago Pk 1/2W 11 dbi omni On the air as of 7/07
10368.216 W7CQ CN83jx SW of Eugene +23 14" Dish Rotatable Dish can be rotated to any direction.
10368.360 K6QPV DM12mq Mt San Miguel 500mw Horn @ 320deg
10368.020 KK6TG CM88qq CA(N) Mt St. Helena 200 mW omni FSK
10368.325 W6ASL CM88wj CA (N) Mt Vaca 1 W omni 10 db -
10368.360 K0RZ DM79gv CO Boulder 500 mW 20 dbi N & 21 dbi SE
10368.300.0 N6CA DM03ts CA (S) Palos Verdes 1.6 W 16 dbi horz omni -
10368.310.6 N6CA DM04ms CA (C) Frazier Mtn 1.5W 16dBi omni-horz 8013ft
10368.350 KH6HME BK29go HI Mauna Loa 2W 4 ft dish to W6 (tropo season only)
10369.150 AD6FP CM97bl Mt Allison 50mw omni Translator output just above bcn. Input -600K
24 GHz
24192.031 K6QPV DM12mq CA (S)Mt. San Miguel 200mw 12dbi Horn Heading 320deg
24191.976 KF6KVG CM97ae CA (N) Mt Leeson 200 mW 14 db horn 330 deg.
24192.010 ±1KHz W6QI CM97bl Mt. Allison, CA 50mw 12db omni horiz
47 GHz
47061 KF6KVG CM97bl CA (N) 13dbm open WR22 waveguide
48087.990 KF6KVG CM97ae CA (N) Mt Leeson 5dbm 14db Horn 330 deg.

80 GHz

79220 KF6KVG CM97ae CA (N) Mt Leeson 0dbm 14db Horn 330 deg.


635 nm N6IZW DM12mq Mt San Miguel (CA) 65W total output Omni LED's Beacon/linear repeater. Turned on by request.

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